YO! make my flat into a palace

YO! Home

The concept home shows the robotic bed lifting above the living area. Clearing space below. Picture: YO! Home Source: Supplied

  • VIDEO from the unveiling of a new concept home.
  • House turns a regular flat into a decked-out city palace.
  • Aspires to achieve sleek and simple modern living in a fraction of the size.

NOW there's no need to move out of the city with a new house that promises to turn a humble flat into a palace. The makers of YO! Sushi and YOtel have come up with a brand new concept home which promises to fit nine separate spaces into a one-bedroom flat.

Ever wanted to get more bang for your buck when it comes to apartment living? A new concept home has been released which squeezes more features than most houses into the space the same size as a one bedroom apartment.

Change your furnishings and rooms at the flick of a switch.

At the pull of a wall, the opening of a floor or the press of a button, the space provides: a master bedroom suite; a second bedroom; a sunken sitting room; a cinema; a dining room; an office; a full-sized kitchen; a breakfast room; a bathroom with spa; a party room; a wine cellar and additional hidden storage.

YO! Home

The full-sized bathroom even includes a hot-tub. Picture: YO! Home

Flashbacks of murphy beds and bachelor pads aside, the home aspires to achieve sleek and simple modern living in an area a fraction of the size of a regular house.

YO! Home

The room turns into a casual entertaining area with the flick of a switch. Picture: YO! Home

With just twelve moving parts the space is transformed using engineering technology taken from yacht, automotive design and stage production.

YO! Home

No kitchenette here! The full-sized kitchen and eating area hugs the wall. Picture: YO! Home

According to the home's makers: "The basic principals of counter-weights and moving parts, allowing safe, easy and low-energy movement of large elements such as the bed and wall. More high-tech elements, such as sensors and electronics, will make the concept easy to use and family-proof.

YO! Home

Hidden storage and a wine cellar can be accessed under the floor. Picture: YO! Home

"Influenced by principals of Japanese living, where the simple and adaptable layout of rooms allows many activities to take place in the same space."

YO! Home

The one bedroom flat is transformed into a surprisingly spacious living area. Picture: YO! Home

Pricing for the concept home has not yet been released. Representatives from YO! Home stressed, however, that he does not want it to be so expensive that you could just afford a larger home.

Also that a YO! Home would also come with all of the furniture you would need which would save on overall costs.

"The homes can also be as simple or complex as you wish which affects the price."

We do have to wonder, though, is the champagne included?


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